CLI Games

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CLI Games is a community-driven collection of games that could be run in your terminal! Currently this project has many games including,

And more in the future!

How to Install?

Installation is very simple.

#Clone the repo
git clone
cd cli-games

How to Play?

After cloning, run ls (or dir on Windows) to get a list of available directories of games. Then navigate to your favourite game using the cd command

Eg: cd Hangman

Read the README file in the respective directory to get more instruction about installation and playing. Most of the games support different languages (including node-js and python) and the choice is yours!


Want to contribute this project? We are happy to accept your contributions! You can do the following to contribute us

Creating new games

Before creating a new game, please check if it is available already, or somebody is working on creating that game. Then make sure to create a new issue to make sure others are OK with it. If you got approval for your suggestion, then move one! Code your game and create a PR with the new changes. We’ll be happy to introduce your new game :smile:

This project is driven on community basis. So we are happy to accept your contributions a lot!